1919 – Former Hibernian Bank, O’Connell Street Lower, Dublin

Architect: Ralph H. Byrne, W.H. Byrne & Son



Built after the previous branch of the Hibernian Bank was destroyed in the fighting during the 1916 Easter Rising. The previous building was by O’Neill & Byrne and was constructed from a former W.G. Mooney public house in 1878. The replacement building was Ralph H. Byrne with carvings by C.W. Harrison & Sons. It is still in use by a financial institution today and for many years, its recognisable outline was part of their logo.

“The Hibernian Bank on the opposite corner of Lower Abbey Street , also of granite and Port land stone , is on the whole , one of the most pleasing buildings of those yet completed . The architects of this bank are Messrs . W. H. Byrne and Son . Both of these banks would be very much better without the cupolas or turrets which embellish them.” The Architect, March 11 1921.

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