1907 – Bohemian Bar, Doyle’s Corner, Phibsborough, Dublin

Architect: George L. O’Connor


George L. O’Connor was the architect responsible for rebuilding of the licensed premises for John Doyle, grocer and wine merchant. Finished in Milverton limestone, Kingscourt facing brick and terracotta, stock bricks from Harold’s Cross and Dolphin’s Barn. Still extant today, the bar gaves the name to the crossroads on which it stands. Formerly part of the Mooney’s chain of pubs. Several notable junctions in Dublin city in Ireland still carry the name of the pub or business which used to occupy the corner, including Leonard’s Corner on the SCR; and Hanlons Corner of the NCR. This advertisement, in all likelihood, is from the period shortly after opening, when the building was still a new landmark.

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