1898 – Isherwood, Poster, and Stacey Brewery, Maidstone, Kent

Architect: Harrap & Duffield



“The building of which we give illustrations today is now approaching completion at Maidstone, for Isherwood, Poster, and Stacey, Ltd., and has been designed and carried out under the supervision of Messrs. Harrap, A.M I.C.E., and Duffield, A.R.I.B.A., of 34, Queen – street, Cannon – street, London, E.C., consulting engineers and architects. The new building is erected upon the site of the old brewery. As the building is erected immediately over the River Len. Difficulties were encountered at the outset as to foundations, which proved totally unfitted to carry the superstructure ; a system of concrete arching in between piers has been adopted, and the piers themselves carried down to secure a solid foundation— a depth of 20ft. being reached in one part. The buildings are designed to accommodate a 50-quarter plant, the total cost of which will be about £18,000, the contractors being Messrs. Wallis and Sons, of Maidstone.” Published in The Building News.