1885 – Presbyterian Chapel, Whalley Range, Manchester

Architect: Magnall & Littlewoods


Proposed Presbyterian Chapel – perspective view, ground plan & interior – published in The Building News, December 25th 1885.

Description from The Builder, October 24th 1885: On the 10th inst Mr Samuel Stitt of Birkenhead laid the memorial stone of a new Presbyterian Church which is in course of erection at Whalley Range. The site chosen is at the junction of Upper Chorlton road and Stamford street and the church is to supply the requirements of the united congregations of Coupland street and Whalley Range. The designs selected are those by Messrs Mangnall & Littlewoods architects of Manchester. The tender of Mr Kendall was accepted for excavating brickwork and masonry amounting to 2,805 and that of Messrs Wilson Tott and Huntley for the joiners work slating plumbing and glazing and plastering and painting amounting to 1,795. The contracts include in addition to the church the erection of church officer’s house built at the north angle of the plot fronting Stamford street and separated from the church by the existing building containing the lecture hall and schools. The church will have a tower and spire 110 ft in height. The church is 81 ft long and 44 ft wide, the roof being in one span and without any internal columns. The floor will be composed of wood blocks set to pattern and will have an inclination of 2 ft from the front of the church to the Communion affording pew accommodation for 540 sittings. The organ and choir are to be located in the north east transept.