1881 – St. Mary’s Church, Hammersmith, London

Architect: Arthur Baker


Perspective view including ground plan published in The Building News, August 5th 1881. “The proposed Church of St. Mary, Hammersmith, is specially designed to enable the congregation to see the pulpit, and the east end of the church, with a wide nave of 3.5ft., narrowing to 30ft. at its east end, and with a chancel 21ft. wide. The decrease in the width of the nave is almost entirely hidden by the intersection of the nave and transept roof. The turret will serve both for a bell and ventilating- turret. The materials used will be stock bricks with red-brick dressings, and red tiles for the roof ; £8,200 is the cost estimated by the architect, Mr. Arthur Baker, 11, Warwick-gardens, Kensington. ”