1879 – Coopers & Co., Coleshill Street, Birmingham

Architect: F. &. A. Wheeldon


New premises for Messrs. Cooper & Co. including ground plans published in The Building News, May 2nd 1879. “The above premises were designed for Messrs.
Cooper and Co. , to be erected on a site having a frontage to Coleshill-street and Old Cross-street. The ground-floor contains vaults, smoke-room, and the necessary offices, with kitchens, &o., in the basement. On the first-floor is a large dubroom over vaults, with lift from basement, and lavatories, &c., attached; the third-floor being used for bedroom accommodation. The exterior to be executed in pressed bricks and rod Mansfield stone, with terra-cotta ornamentation, moulded bricks being used for cornices, strings, &c. The internal fittings of vaults, smoke- room, &c., to be executed in American walnut. Messrs. F. and A. Wheeldon, of Birmingham and Wolverhampton, are the architects.” Demolished.