1874 – Middle Class Schools for the Grocers Company, Hackney, London

Architect: Paull & Bikerdike


A submitted design for a new school for the Grocers Company. As part of the Company’s work, a school was founded in Hackney, east London, in 1876 for the sons of middle class gentlemen. The school designed by Theophilus Allen, was later handed over to the London County Council and changed its name to Hackney Downs School; it closed in 1995. Design published in The Building News, September 4th 1874.

Five weeks since we offered some remarks on the competitive designs for the Middle Class School for the Grocers’ Company. Though the authorities did all they could to prevent the public seeing the designs, they are absolutely helpless in preventing the public seeing the designs in print. We give one of them— that submitted by Mr. A. Bickerdike, of Cecil-street