1861 – Provincial Exhibition Buildings & Museum, Montreal, Quebec

Architect: J.W. Hopkins


Published in The Building News, July 27 1860. Constructed on Rue St. Catherine as a temporary structure for an exhibition of manufacturing. Described as “The form of that portion of the building now in process of erection is that of a cross. The dimensions of the nave are 84 feet on St Catherine, and Cathcart Street, with a length between those streets of 184 feet. The two transepts originally designed to be 60 feet by 40 feet each, will only be ow 60 feet by 20 feet, giving an extreme length in this direction of 124 feet. The framework of the structure is to be iron, enclosed in brick, the facing of Toronto white pressed brick; the whole of the remainder of the exterior being made up of real and false windows alternating, giving the edifice a light and pleasant aspect. Two galleries, 20 feet wide, will extend all the way around the interior of the building, affording an immense extent of space for exhibition purposes as well as for the Museum, which is to succeed the Exhibition.” Destroyed by fire in 1896.