1861 – Church of the Holy Cross, Tramore, Co. Waterford

Architect: J.J. McCarthy


The interior of this fine gothic revival church has been completely vandalised by the movement interpreting the Vatican II guidelines. Instead of fine marble fittings, the interior has a rough hewn block for an altar, completely at odds with McCarthy’s design.

From The Building News, “The Church of the Holy Cross, Tramore, of which we this week give an engraving, standing as it does on the highest ground in Tramore, is naturally a remarkable object for miles along the east coast of Ireland, and attracts a great deal of attention. On the 14th of September, 1857, the Bishop of Waterford laid the foundation-stone of the new edifice, and the works having been steadily and carefully proceeded with, in July last the church was opened for divine service. The detailed plan of the church comprises nave with side aisles, transept chancel with side chapels, tower and spire in the angle formed by the east side of north transept and side walls of lateral chapel, and sacristy on south side of south chapel. The whole length within the walls is 169 feet, the width across nave and aisles being 69 feet, and across transepts 103 feet. The height of clerestory walls of nave is 47 feet, the height from ridge to roof is 77 feet, and the height to top of spire 190 feet.”