Mahoney Architecture promote scheme for derelict Anglo HQ




The Trees on the Quays project, designed by Paschal Mahoney, proposes to radically transform the shell of the defunct Anglo Irish Bank Head Quarters into an innovative Public Park which will become a focal point for the commemoration of the Centenary of the Irish Republic. The building is currently controlled by NAMA after being taken over from developer Liam Carroll. It was originally planned as a landmark headquarters for the bank, but work stopped in 2009.

Central to the project will be a Vertical Park where nature, rather than commerce, will re-colonise the abandoned concrete structure creating a new landmark on the Liffey Quays.

This Centenary Project will stand as a constant reminder of the responsibilities we all carry as Custodians of the land we inhabit – that the legacy of our decision making, actions and governance must be one focused on sustainable principles that will ensure the well being of future generations.