Love the city

logo_d21cIn September of 2009, Design Twentyfirst Century, a not for profit charitable organisation, ran a pilot called Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn (DD:LL). Structured as a twelve week learning project, it involved seventeen multidisciplinary people. Half were volunteers who were looking for new ways of learning and half County Council employees who were seconded from their positions to learn new skills. The DD:LL team collaborated on a project entitled ‘Finding the hidden potential of place’ based in Clongriffin, located in Dublin’s North Fringe. The objective of ‘Finding the hidden potential of place’ was to identify projects in Clongriffin that would both help to build community and engage the residents in becoming champions to these projects.

Due to success of the Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn pilot project, Design Twentyfirst Century have now been given the go-ahead by Dublin City Council to run a second project, entitled ‘Love the City’. Love the City will apply all the principles of the first pilot but will be focused on making the City Center a more prosperous place. Design Twentyfirst Century wants to continue the promotion of our project and encourage individuals, projects, organizations and businesses to get involved in making Dublin City a more prosperous, happier and overall greater place to be. As such, they are recruiting a new multi-disciplinary team come August.

The submission deadline is August 13th, 2010. The project begins on September 13th, 2010 and concludes on March 31st, 2011. Full time commitment is required.
Applicants are welcome to visit to get more information on ‘Love the City’ and to apply for a position on the team.