1971 – Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Gustavo da Rosa / Number Ten Architectural Group




The Winnipeg Art Gallery is sited on an awkward triagular site, which it responds to aggressively by terminating in a sharp point. Most of the building has no windows and is finished in the local Tyndall limestone with its distinctive pattern. The overall wedge shape of the building has a piece removed to provide a large sheltered terrace for the top floor restaurant. Various windows project from the sheer walls to allow some natural light into circulation spaces.

Internally most of the galleries have artificial lighting with the second level having some top lit spaces. The building is easily navigated with a large central staircase linking the reception to the two floors of galleries above.

The team of Gustavo da Rosa and Number Ten Architectural Group won an architectural competition to design the gallery, and the jury described the building as a “brilliant symbolization of progressive Winnipeg”.