1899 – Bain Building, Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: James J. McDiarmid


The west portion of the Brokerage was constructed in 1899 for Edward Nicholson, an Ottawa-born merchant who started a wholesale grocery brokerage firm. In 1905, he made a partner out of his young accountant, Donald H. Bain, and the name of the wholesale commission firm was changed to Nicholson and Bain. In 1917, Bain became the sole owner and the business was renamed the Donald H. Bain Company. Thomas Anderson, partner in the neighbouring building, died in 1919 and the Merrick-Anderson wholesale stove and hardware firm was sold. Bain purchased the Merrick-Anderson Building in 1920 and joined it to his building at 113 Bannatyne.

Although the cornice is arcaded, the scale and effect of the pattern is similar to the Merrick-Anderson block, and the treatment of the windows and walls on the lower floors is near identical. Early photographs show the wood doors and mullions to be the same pattern. Height, and the fenestration of the main floor are the main differences between the two structures.