1890 – St Michael’s Church (Synod Hall), Christchurch Place, Dublin

Architect: George Edmund Street



St Michael’s Church dating from the 12th Century is embedded in the Synod Hall of Christ Church Cathedral. It is not commonly known that until the restoration of Christ Church by George Edmund Street, they were two unrelated buildings. Street designed the Synod Hall around the original church tower of St Michael’s.

The differing styles of the stonework is a guide to their differing origins. Street designed the new Synod Hall with a series of set backs so that although the main hall is a similar height to the cathedral, it looks lower and subservient to the main complex.

The building is now the venue for a display on medieval Dublin. although converted for modern use, many of the interiors remain intact especially the Synod Hall and adjacent meeting rooms. The tower, all that remains of the original St Michael’s Church is accessible from inside and there is a fine view of the city from the top.