1888 – First Congregational Church of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Architect: Warren H. Hayes

1888 - First Congregational Church of Minneapolis, Minnesota

In 1886 it laid the cornerstone of its present building. Built of red sandstone in Gothic-Romanesque style, with round-arched windows and semi-circular rows of pews, it still is one of the best local examples of the distinctive Akron-plan church. The building is now on the National Register of Historic Places. According to The Congregational Year-Book 1888: “This building, dedicated March 4 1888, is in modern Romanesque style and is constructed of Lake Superior brownstone, rock-face with cut stone finish. Its special features are the blending of the lines of construction to the perfect satisfaction of the eye, the ingenious adaptation of ancient ecclesiastical form to the sevice of the modern “live” church; and the comparatively small expenditure at which beauty and serviceableness have been secured.”