1886 – St. Georges House, Eastcheap, London

Architect: Delissa Joseph


“This block of offices and warerooms, now approaching completion, is situated on the south side of Eastcheap, close to the Monument Station, and occupies an area of 10,000f t., with frontages of about lOOft. to Eastcheap, and about 75ft. to George-lane. It comprises a north and a south building, separated by two open areas 30ft. by 30ft., and connected by a staircase building. The north building consists of ground, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth floors; and the south of sub-basement, basement, ground, first, second, third, and fourth floors. A corridor on the ground floor connects Eastcheap with George-lane; and there is a complete system of lavatories, &c., on each floor. The buildings are divided by iron doors and fireproof floors. The front building is carried over the District Railway tunnel upon piers and girders of heavy construction, carried out by the railway company’s engineers; and the whole of the iron construction of the buildings has been designed under the supervision of Mr. J. Wolfe Barry, and carried out by Messrs. C. Williams and Co. Portland and Beer stones have been employed in the Eastcheap elevation, and Portland stone with glazed bricks in that towards George-lane; the ground-floor columns in Eastcheap being of red Aberdeen granite, and forming part of the construction. The carving is executed by Messrs. Seale. Two suspended hydraulic passenger-lifts by Messrs. Waygood and Co., of Falmouth-road, S.E., supplied from the Hydraulic Power Company’s mains, occupy the well-hole of the staircase, and there is also a hydraulic goods-lift for carrying up merchants’ samples. The well-hole is surrounded by a wrought-iron grille, which combines, in one design, ballusters, handrail, and lift-screen. The staircase and corridor windows are filled with painted glass by Messrs. Campbell, Smith, and Co., with appropriate designs of colonial fruits, in view of the character of the trade for the requirements of which the buildings have been specially designed. The ground-floor corridor-walls are incased with panelled marble, carried out by Messrs. Burke and Co., and the floor is laid with Italian mosaic, introducing, in panels, colonial flowers and a St. George and Dragon. All the upper corridor floors are laid with small black and white tiles. The contractors for the whole of the works are Messrs. Perry and Co., of Bow and the architect is Mr. Delissa Joseph, of Basinghall-street.” Front Perspective View including plans as published in The Building News, July 23rd 1886