1881 – The Rise, Sunninghill, Windsor, Berkshire

Architect: Byrne & Crombie


“The villa shown in our illustration, now in course of erection, is one of several Mr. J. Tether proposes carrying out on his building estates at Sunninghill and Bagshot, there being a good demand for this class of dwelling in the neighbourhood, owing to the well-known reputation of Ascot being one of the healthiest parts of England, as well as for its sporting associations. The house is being built of deep red bricks from Bracknell ; the walls are hollow up to the line of the weather-tiling ; the exterior face will be weather-pointed with ash mortar, a sparing use of terra-cotta and moulded brick being introduced for ornament. The plan was so arranged as to have the windows of the best rooms command the views of the Surrey Hills and surrounding county. The whole of the internal woodwork of principal apartments will be in pitch-pine, varnished. The stables and coach-house are to be erected at a lower level, to the left of the residence, Messrs. Byrne and Crombie, of 303, Strand, and Windsor, are the architects.” Perspective including ground & 1st floor plans as published in The Building News, November 18th 1881.