1881 – Convalescent Home for Children, St. Leonards on Sea, Sussex

Architect: Fowler & Hill


Perspective view & plans as published in The Building News, September 2nd 1881. “The subject of our illustrations is now being erected upon a site granted by the Everfield Estate, at the extreme western end of St. Leonard’s, and close to the West Marino Station on the L.B. and S.C. Railway, and is the development of a work which has been carried on for some years in a private house near Warrior- square, the object being to provide fresh air and proper nourishment to convalescent children, from London and other largo towns, who have been suffering from non-infectious maladies. The buildings as illustrated, and which are now fast approaching completion, have ample accommodation provided for 25 children of each sex in the wings, and for several more in the central block, should such be required. There is also infirmary accommodation provided, so that isolation may be effected should any case of infection occur.”

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