1868 – St. Ann’s Church of Ireland, Dawson Street, Dublin

Architect: Sir Thomas Newenham Deane




The original church on this site by Isaac Wills, designed in 1720 but never fully completed, was demolished in 1868 to make way for the current structure. Designed in a Lombardo-Romanesque style, this building was also never completed with the northern tower remaining without the ornate belfry designed for it. This has disrupted the flow of the building from the rectory to the spire. The original tower and spire (on the left of the photograph) were to complete the gradual rise in height of the composition.

The interior contains more stained glass than any other church in Dublin and includes work by Wilhelmina Geddes, Mayer, Warrington and the O’Connor family. The close proximity of the nearby office block reduces the impact of many of these windows by reducing the amount of light available.