1846 – St Audoen’s Church, High Street, Dublin

Architect: Patrick Byrne, G.C. Ashlin



Sited beside the much older and similarly named Church of Ireland, St Audoen’s Church was built between 1841-1846 and designed by Patrick Byrne (responsible for other churches in Dublin including the nearby St Paul’s on Arran Quay). The church has its portico added in 1893 by G.C. Ashlin to relieve the external facade. Until 1880 it had a central dome positioned over the crossing of the nave but it collapsed and was replaced by a flat ceiling. The interior is lit by lunette windows cut into the massive black calp walls. These walls are best appreciated from Cook Street from where their sheer bulk dominates the area and the city walls. Because of its steeply sloping site, the church has a double level crypt to the rear.