1816 – O’Donovan Rossa Bridge, Dublin

Architect: George Knowles & James Savage




A three-arched bridge built of granite, with cast-iron balustrades, built in 1813 and opened in 1816. Originally known as Richmond Bridge after the Viceroy – it was later renamed after Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa (1831-1915) a leading Republican and Fenian. Constructed to replace an earlier bridge that collapsed during a storm in 1803. The original competition was won by W.H. Ashpitel but his bridge was never proceeded with. Savage exhibited his design for the new location as Richmond Bridge forming the approach to the Four Courts, Dublin at the Royal Academy in 1809.

During the building of the bridge, German, Spanish and British coins and weapons were found under the south foundation while two 18 foot long boats – one bearing a corpse were found under the north side. The bridge features keystone heads in the manner of the Custom House on each of its three arches.