1686 – St Michan’s Church of Ireland, Church Street, Dublin

Architect: Sir William Robinson



This structure dates from 1685-86 and was built on the site of an earlier structure founded by the Danes in 1095. Originally St Michan’s was built to serve the viking community that was expelled from the walled city. For almost five hundred years this was the only parish church on the northside of the Liffey. It was rebuilt when the area was redeveloped by Sir Humphry Jervis and may have been designed by Sir William Robinson.

The church contains one of the oldest organs still in use in this country. Handel is believed to have played on it while composing “The Messiah”. What the church is more famous for, is its collection of mummified bodies stored in the vaults. The Limestone in the ground keeps the air dry and helps their preservation. Many of the leaders of the 1798 Rebellion are buried in the vaults and the surrounding graveyard.