William Henry Thorp (1852-1944)

William Henry Thorp was born in Leeds in 1852 and was articled to A.M. Fowler, Leeds Borough Surveyor. He commenced practice on his own account in 1876 and in the 1890 merged it with that of George Francis Danby. Thorp was responsible for the design of secular buildings and Danby for ecclesiastical buildings. The partnership was dissolved in 1902; Thorp’s son Ralph joined the practice about this time, being taken into partnership in 1909. This lasted until 1911 when Ralph left for London. G.H. Foggitt was taken in partnership from 1919 until 1923. Thorp was a friend of Fred Rowntree. He was a founder member and first secretary of the Leeds & Yorkshire Architectural Society and was President from 1890-1892. Thorp died on 16 January 1944