Slow Architecture – research and exhibition spring 2010


The notion of Slow Architecture as a design approach for our built environment – an approach based on time for reflection as well as the craft of making – is of critical importance in our present context.

SARC -a research collective – is looking for expressions of interest in the participation in a canal-based travelling exhibition on the above theme to take place in Ireland in late spring 2010. We are investigating the what, the why and the how of slow in respect to architecture and its engagement with our environment. Selected participants will be asked to develop their theme in relationship to a project and the process of design. The exhibitor will be invited to discuss their work as part of the travelling exhibition and the whole journey will be documented and published in summer 2010.

Expressions of Interest should take the form of a written document of not more than 300 words and accompanying illustration and clearly demonstrate your intended response to the theme of slow architecture and its relevance to today’s society.

Your document should be sent to SARC c/o Solearth, Daintree Building, 62 Pleasants Place Dublin 8- before the 22nd January 2010. Further information can be found on the website: