Shelbourne Development First to submit plans for Clonburris


Shelbourne Development has submitted planning application for Kishoge, a unique sustainable property development at Clonburris, Ireland’s first designated eco district. The application seeks permission for a medium density mix of generously proportioned homes built around a variety of play areas and parkland. Kishoge will incorporate landscaped parks, a brand new railway station and newly opened primary school, crèche and business opportunities complimented by unique facilities such as availability of allotments and a car sharing scheme.

All Kishoge residents will be within a 10 minute walk of the train station whilst also enjoying dedicated bus corridors, generous bicycle lane arrangements and access to major road networks, making the proposed development one of the best connected public transport sites outside the city centre. Hence the car traffic generated by this development will be significantly less than that generated historically by developments such as this. Further, the planning application includes measures deliberately targeted at reducing car traffic even more. The completed development will have a Mobility Management Plan which will encourage use of public transport and appoint a permanent Mobility Manager. This Mobility Manager will provide personalised travel plan options for all residents, run a car sharing scheme, run a car club and undertake regular travel surveys.

Shelbourne and its Design Team, led by Henry J Lyons Architects, have met the very exacting requirements of the Clonburris Strategic Development Zone and Local Area Plan developed by South Dublin County Council who have designated the area to be the exemplary and most sustainable development in Ireland. The completion of this development would make Kishoge the most sustainable development in Ireland and an example to the rest of Ireland and Europe of what can be achieved with an ambitious green agenda.

All the dwellings are designed to be energy efficient being sold with an “˜A’ rating BER Certificate which is a 60% reduction in energy use from current Building Regulation standards. A significant proportion of them are designed to the ultra-low energy Passiv Haus standard which is an 80% to 90% reduction in heating energy use. All the heating and hot water will be provided by a Community Heating System using renewable energy thus slashing the carbon footprint of the development and providing all residents with very comfortable, healthy dwellings with extremely low energy costs.

Commenting on the planning application, Tom Hamilton, Director, Shelbourne Development said: “Kishoge is unique insofar as a large proportion of the key infrastructure is in place already – the train station is complete and the primary school opened in September 2008. Our plan for Kishoge is to offer a rounded lifestyle that meets the needs of today’s generation without compromising future generations in terms of transport, energy usage and social amenities”.