RTE to demolish Tallon’s Radio Centre?

RTE to demolish Tallons Radio Centre?

RTE to demolish Tallons Radio Centre?RTE to demolish Tallons Radio Centre?RTE to demolish Tallons Radio Centre? Photograph - http://radioeireann.blogspot.com/

RTE recently submitted plans for the redevelopment of their Donnybrook campus. Rising to an overall height of almost 26m (88ft) on its frontage to the dual-carriageway, the complex would taper down to 10.4m (34 ft) facing the long rear gardens of houses along Nutley Road and screened by mature trees. Gradually, existing buildings on the RTÉ site would be vacated, including the television centre (1961), the administration building (1969), the radio centre (1975), the library building (1994) and the more recent canteen and sports buildings.

“The RTE campus represents a model of urbanity in the setting of a suburb, one that still has relevance today. Taken individually the buildings have grace and delicacy. As a group, they have managed to maintain the force of the original ideal with remarkable quality.” – Deyan Sudjic, architecture critic

Images of the development seem to show the removal of Ronnie Tallon’s admired and accomplished Radio Centre. The main studios received the 1959-1961 RIAI Gold Medal but are still shown on architects models of the scheme. It would be a shame if Dublin was to lose this fine example of Tallon’s Miesian output. Ironically the architects for this? Scott Tallon Walker!