Proposals recast Dublin and its traffic

The busy traffic route in front of Dublin’s Custom House could be turned into a pedestrian plaza and the city’s quays made a no-parking zone under a new 12-year traffic plan from Dublin City Council. The City Centre Transportation Plan is a framework document which sets out a “vision for movement” for the city centre until 2020. The plan, which will be put before councillors for the first time tomorrow, concentrates on measures to reduce traffic congestion by restricting private car access to the city and creating new opportunities for walking, cycling and public transport. The city’s canals and historic bridges, which are protected structures, have a “limiting” effect on the number of vehicles which can enter or leave the city each day. “The city streets have virtually reached the limit of what can be accommodated on them in vehicular terms,” the report says. The council has already introduced limits on traffic, such a the heavy goods vehicle ban and pedestrianisation of parts of the city. However, the report said more measures have to be taken if the city is to continue to thrive.

The Irish Times