1889 – Holy Trinity & Capuchin Monastery, Cork

Architect: George Pain / William Atkins / Dominic J. Coakley / Robert Walker



This fabulous church façade took many years to realise. Originally commissioned by Fr Mathew in 1825 from George Pain, the interior was completed ten years after his death by William Atkins. The gothic portico and spire was not constructed until 1889 by Dominic J. Coakley. Although he reduced the size of the tower and spire, the building is largely as Pain designed it.

The interior as designed by Atkins has been much altered: the chancel was lengthened in 1906-8 by G.C. Ashlin and a more modern reorganisation which had the original arcades replaced with slender steel supports to improve the sightlines of the altar. The interior has good stained glass by the Harry Clarke studios. The adjoining monastery was built by Robert Walker in 1888.