1915 – Gare du Palais, Quebec City, Quebec

Architect: Harry Edward Prindle




Built in the Chateau style to reflect the dominant Chateau Frontenac on the old town above the station, the real glory of the Gare du Palais is the entrance hall. With its beautiful brick, and vaulted and glazed ceiling, it presents a warm and intimate space. The entrance hall contains the ticket office, and is linked to the trains by a concourse area. This concourse although less ornate has an attractive high roof and more exposed brick.

Harry Edward Prindle (1873-1928) had received gold medals from the Architectural League of New York and the Chicago Sketch Club. He was at one time supervising architect of Cochise County, Arizona and in 1914 located in Montreal and designed the Quebec Union Station for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. During World War I he was supervisor of housing for the Emergency Fleet Corporation and built the town of Harriman, Pennsylvania.