1875 – Langport and Huist Schools, Somerset

Architect: T. Shelmerdine


From The Architect, October 23, 1875: This design was sent in answer to an advertisement for schools mid teachers’ residence, to accommodate 300 children. Thirty sets of plans were sent in, from all parts of England. This plan provides schools, 30 feet by 19 feet, for the boys and girls, with classroom, 19 feet by 15 feet, and four groups of “movable desks to each schoolroom. The infante’ room is 40 feet by 24 feet, with two “alleries and a group of movable desks. Each school is provided with a cloak-room, lavatory, and cupboard built in the walls. The roofs would be framed with principals about 6 feet apart, with curved ribs resting on stone corbels, the corbels fixed about 3 feet below the pole-plate, and the ribs to meet in the centre of the collar. All the roof timbers would be visible below the collars, and be stained and varnished. The ceilings would be formed at the back of the rafters, and on ceiling joists fixed above the collars. Roofs would be covered with dun-colour plain tiles and ornamental red ridges. It was proposed that all the rooms were to be heated with the Manchester school Grate. This design, which is by Mr. T. Shelmerdine, was placed second by the School Board.