1875 – Hampstead Cemetery Chapels, London

Architect: Charles Bell



From The Architect, October 9, 1875: These chapels are to occupy a central position in the cemetery at Fortune Green, Hampstead, about 20 acres in extent, and now in course of formation. The chapels and lodge are to be faced externally with Kentish rag and Bath stone, and plastered inside. In designing them it has been the architect’s desire to make as little difference as possible between the consecrated and unconsecrated chapels, the only alteration being in the tracery of the windows and the position of the respective reading-desks, etc. Due accommodation is provided for the funeral attendants in the shape of w.c.’s, &c., and it is also proposed to provide a drinking fountain in a convenient position for general use. The internal woodwork will be of picked red deal stained and varnished. Stoves will be used for warming purposes. The lodge has five rooms for the keeper, also a board-room at the side with open roof and bay window, lavatory, &c. The works are in active progress, the contractor being Mr. Hobson, of the Adelphi; and the architect Mr. Charles Bell, of 4 Union Court, Old Broad Street, E.G.. whose design was selected by the Board in a limited competition in May last.