1873 – St. Luke’s Parsonage House, Victoria Docks, London

Architect: Giles & Gane


Published in The Building News, December 12 1873: “We give an exterior perspective, and ground and chamber plans, of this parsonage. It being a marshy soil, and there being a bed of peat, lift. Gin. deep, before solid ground could be obtained, it was determined to lay wide and thick beds of concrete, well tied with hoop-iron, on the surface of the ground, and to build on that. The result has proved satisfactory, there not being a crack in the whole building. The material is yellow stocks, with red brick and box-stone dressings. The contract was taken by Mr. Hammond, builder, Romford, for £2,403, including fence-walls. The architects are Messrs. Giles and Gane, of 7, Furnival’s Inn, E.G. ”

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