1862 – Mission Church, Westleigh Mill, Lancashire

Architect: Hayley & Son


From The Building News, April 4, 1862: This church, just erected under the auspices of the Vicar of Leigh, near Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, is intended to be used as a school during week days and as a mission church on Sundays. It comprises a nave, about 20 feet wide, of which only a portion is at present completed ; transepts about 20 feet square, with boys’ and girls’ porches attached, and a chancel 30 feet by 20 feet. On the north side of the building are a small sacristy and a class-room or library.

The walls, both externally and internally, are of the red brick of the locality, relieved with bands, cornices, and alternated voussoirs of strawcoloured firebrick and blue headers, sparingly introduced. The roofs, which are open to the ridges internally, are covered with blue Bangor slates of the smallest size, into which are worked diaper and other patterns of green and purple Velinheli slate, the ridges being of blue Staffordshire tile. AU the works have been separately executed by local tradesmen, from the designs and under the direction of Messrs. Hayley and Son, architects, of Manchester.