Liffey Bridges

Liffey Bridges

Postby Shane Clarke » Wed Jan 19, 2000 1:33 pm

Posting this entry to register my delight at the lighting of the bridges along the Liffey from Heuston Station onwards. I had read a desenting letter in last weeks Irish Times and expected to be disappointed (yet again). The inherent romance of the bridges can only be added to by such a measure - also the refection of the flowing water onto the buildings immediatly beside the new millenium(?) bridge is quite beautiful! My fear is that the subtelty and quality of this work will be diminished by the proposed boardwalk which screams 'TACKY' and 'DINKY' in my humble opinion.
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Postby bored » Thu Jan 20, 2000 4:52 pm

Couldn't agree more. It may have seemed like an idea well worth exploring - at least until the mock-up was built - but they should now have the courage and common sense to cancel the walkway. It's not going anywhere anyway. It's at the same level as the footpath and renders the quay wall redundant. The railings are even higher than the quay wall - what a ridiculous application of the building regulations! They might as well demolish the wall itself - god forbid.

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