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Yeah I know it’s very Spencer Dock-ish, but when you consider the location along the Cork Docklands, it would, in prespective look very well along the quays considering the other proposals for the Docklands – if they come to fruition.

Some other projects for the Docklands I’ve been lucky enough to get access to, are genuinely exciting – architecturally and otherwise. One project, when it is, if it is, formally announced by its developer is going to have people talking big time. It’s of a similar height to the Water Street project by Werdna Ltd.

MOLA have produced some nice work, like the new front elevation of the Cork Opera House – but it does seem to have the odd architectural sigh (ie. UCC Biosciences Building) and doesn’t the new Cork School of Music on Union Quay (also by MOLA) seem to resemble the Gate Multiplex on Bachelors Quay (designed by Derek “Snooze” Tynan, developed by Eymet)?

I think this, Water Street, is a good MOLA and Werdna project though, I really hope it gets through the Planning Process positively.

And on the subject of Scott Tallon & Walker, how do they keep getting work???

(Although, I do have to say, their design for the 100million euro City Quarter by Howard Holdings on Lapps Quay – is turning out to be far more aesthetically pleasing in real-life than its design drawings. Credit where credit is due. )

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