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The revised proposal isn’t far removed from the original – I’ve only seen drawings (2 months old), I am awaiting a copy of the EIS (with attached VIS) for later this week, early next week. But if I get images sooner, I’ll post them. From my understanding, a number of aspects have since been adjusted – I was only kept updated on the statistics of the project since I first saw those drawings – so I am myself interested to see how exactly the end product now looks.

The tower element has been reduced by 2 floors (for issues of ‘balance’) but it’s height has not altered much (58m), it has more to do with a reduction in apartment numbers which have in total been cut by 96 units (satisfying density qualms by CCC), the wing elements either side are reduced in height on some elevations as a comparison to the original – and more emphasis has been placed on public space – a more detailled internal road system has also been adopted. Some general design changes have been made but I don’t want to jump the gun and try to detail the specifics based on my standing knowledge – I’ll wait for the VIS and let you see for yourself when I can.

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