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I thought was never coming back… 😉


I have so many updates I can’t even remember most of them, but I’ll try!

🙂 Kilquane Ltd (Howard Holdings) have been greenlit to erect the 12m quill-like sculpture along Lapps Quay, at the entrance to the Clarion Hotel element of their new City Quarter development.

🙂 Isle of Man-based Quality Healthcare Ltd have been granted permission for the redevelopment of the former Shankiel Hospital as a new private healthcare facility.

🙂 Tedcastles Ltd – owners of the 18-acre docklands site near Marina Point have revealed one of their masterplans for the prime docklands development area. Although the plan revealed is a majority residential – which will require rezoning from CCC – the plan includes a number of residential blocks ranging from 3 to 8 storeys in an extensive ‘woodland/park’ style setting. The project would include a number of own-housing units also, with an extensive commercial zone (office buildings will be located to the west of the site nearer to the Power Station) and educational facility (significantly reduced in this plan in response to UCC and CIT’s desire to develop an extended campus to the west of the city – but it’s early days yet). Tedcastles who have extensive property development activities in the USA – may seek to develop the site themselves. In all, an estimated 500 to 600 residenetial units may be provided. The project would have an approximate value in excess of 350m euros – if not more. But I must remind you that this plan is not scheduled for any clear application that I am aware of, and is only 1 of 3 plans already devised by the company. I will post images of this plan later.

🙂 Hungarian national carrier, Malev, has announced that it will begin scheduled flights between Cork and Budapest this coming April.

@Angry Rebel wrote:

Have you any details on the airport mods they are proposing?

Various reductions and modifications including the removal of covered canpoy between the new multi-storey car-park and terminal building – but to name a few.

With response to mickeydocs and Thomond Park – I love Cork, I’m very proud of my adopted home, but it does have a high-opinion of itself sometimes. That said, I believe the city has been unfairly and inappropriately treated by the Government and its agencies at large, in terms of funding, development etc etc. The treatment and attitudes of CIE (Horgan’s Quay, Bus Station, Eglinton Street etc) has been 2nd rate and quite frankly insulting. The DAA is pulling petty purse-strings regarding Cork Airport. Our road funding is among the lowest, given the population, traffic volumes and longest road network in the country. Where’s the School of Music??? The list goes on. Further, I believe the rest of the country couldn’t give 2 tosses about all that half the time either – but do you know what, the Cork market is strong (if a little tricky at times) and we have ability. Cork is great for whingeing – even Cork 2005 made a big issue of the ‘whinge’ nature of Cork culture – but Cork is even greater when it gets up of its arse and does something about a situation itself. The recent revival of the city has been in the majority spurred by Cork based private investment (OCP, OFC, Frinailla, Howard Holdings, and the many other private investment groups) – and one must recognised input from outside the city and county. Cork must carve itself its own future – that doens’t mean letting up on broken Government promises (i.e. School of Music and Horgan’s Quay) – but it does mean a proactive approach to Cork’s own future. Why should we waste the energy dropping our jaws in horror everytime Dublin gets that new MNC HQ??? We should be out there competeing, not complaining. Now, the Gov have a responsibility to ensure a proper approach to the NSS – something it has been quite lacking – the country is becoming too centralised, and the Gov need to deliever on that. A counter-balance to Dublin is needed for the country’s sake, Dubliners incl’d. Cork offers the best opportunity (as a focus) to provide this – and in my opinion, is a wonderful location – it just needs the right tweaking. I have a lot of confidence in the city – so let’s get out there and bring the city into the light it deserves, The docklands offers such a gleaming opportunity to make Cork a highly attractive, and relatively more affordable, HQ and large business destination. In economics it’s always said that a company’s greatest asset can quite often be it’s distinction, so let’s ride with that – we don’t need to go a copycat route. If Dublin wants to follow it and it works for them, so be it. To do this, Cork needs to reform it attutudes toward large development and investment projects. It needs to display its unique flair that always seems to be just beneath the surface and never on top – so come on, let it all out. If Cork focusses, the Gov get their act together and we keep thinking on the up – Cork will truly be able to boast about itself more so in the future, without a shadow of a doubt to contradict it. I believe in Cork, I believe in it’s future – so let’s encourage investment in – to do this, we have to create the right accommodative environment.

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