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@bunch wrote:

submissions on a planning application may be made within 5 weeks of the validation of the planning application – is it the cas ethat these submissions were received after the 5 weeks? Whether there was a Further Information requested or not, any submissions after the 5 weeks should (under the Planning and Development Act) be returned to the sender and not be accepted!

The submissions were made well passed the final submission date – the CCC claim to have adopted ‘a sympathetic stance regarding objectors’ due to the exceptional nature of the development. Utter tripe. Indeed the submissions should have been refused – by law.

@sw101 wrote:

this’ll do ya

It’s a classic! (Cough cough) – I’m not that archaic – throw in a few PVC windows and we’re ready to go! (Joe King!) 😀

I just have a preference for detailled design – there’s nothing that says contemporary architecture can’t be innovative for modernity and yet still hark back to the elaborate and intricate design details of the past. I suppose ‘postmodern’ is the phrase – but I’ve not once, ever seen a post-modern building that fuses the modern and the past in the way I would see as innovative, striking and complimentary. But that’s me, I’m just a demanding bugger.


:confused: A design team is rumoured to have ALREADY been commissioned with regard to Wilton Shopping Centre – as regards what, I’m not sure, it could be something as simply as a new cleaners office – but perhaps Howard Holdings could be up to a little more. I’ll get back to you.

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