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Yes, theblimp, I just came home today and briefly saw the article. If you have a copy, do you think you could upload the comparitive drawing on the bottom of the article page – the one that includes Cork County Hall.

The design is similar, but I am sure it is predominantly mere coincidence. So far, the high-rise planned for Cork seem of a relatively quality standard – but none of them really rise much above that at County Hall as is. Cork County Hall reaches 66m in its current form (will be mildly higher come renovation completion), Water Street (in it’s original form) reached 69m and Eglinton Street will reach 70m (80m at spire). However, there is a small possibiIity the Water Street Tower may be increased in height ever so slightly – depending on the final decision of options presented by MOLA. In addition, the high-rise proposals for Horgan’s Quay are expected to top 70m (w/ one of the buildings at least) – while a pre-planning proposal for a Kennedy Quay development may yet incorporate a centre-piece building of 25-storeys.

But we’ll just have to wait and see. I just hope the standard is up to scratch on all the proposals.

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