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😮 Following the news that Starbucks will have its first stand-alone unit in Dublin city centre opening in the near future – I can also tell you that the Seattle-based coffee chain have also assessed 3 possible units in Cork city centre (where Gloria Jeans is the main coffee-specialist chain existing at the present) for their first store in the city. 2 of the units are on or along near Patrick’s Street and 1 is supposedly located on one of the side-streets off the main thoroughfaure (Princes Street[?]). However, other suitable units are still be weighed up. When open, the unit will create up to 20 jobs and should heat up the competition nicely. No confirmation or specific date has been allocated for the time being however,

@Radioactiveman wrote:

I believe for once you’re wrong (shocking I know 🙂 ). The two buildings which are for sale on Shandon Street are next to the two buildings for which the CPO has been issued.
Infairness, I could have the numbers wrong so will recheck them for you.

Fair enough, I was thinking it would have been a little weird for those 2 buildings to be up for a CPO so soon after the sale sign went up – I heard about that CPO but hadn’t looked into it, but hey, only 1 number off in each case. I think all 4 of those buildings are hideously neglected.

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