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Just to keep you up to speed, I received the following response from Beamish this afternoon:

I received an email from Eamonn O’ Sullivan – the customer Services Director of Beamish today in response to this site and my email to Beamish about it. Eamonn is offering me a tour of the plant – I will be taking up this offer some time after the 12th of August and will post my impressions to this site

Here’s Eamonn’s email:

Dear Mr. Raftery,

Further to your note to our Managing Director, Mr. Alf Smiddy, regarding
the buildings on our site at South Main Street.

I am the person responsible for a number of upgrade projects at the Brewery
for 2004/2005, and while acknowledging your comments, I do believe that,
rather than exchanging emails or correspondence via websites, it would be
helpful if you took the time to come and see us here at the Brewery and
perhaps we could update you on our various upgrade plans for the site in

I would be obliged if you could please contact me as soon as possible on my
mobile (08x xxxxxxx), I don’t have a telephone number for you, so we may
agree a time and date. I am out of the country until next Monday, but
will be glad to take your call at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Eamonn O’Sullivan

Eamonn O’ Sullivan,
Customer Services Director

I will be taking Eamonn up on his offer late next week – I’ll report back on how we get on and what if any news comes out of this meeting.


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