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The wall is certainly higher than it previously was for parts of the replacement section.

Unfortunately, they have not replaced the capstone for a small section of the wall, leaving it as a flat top. I don’t know what happened the rest of the capstones: perhaps they were damaged or stolen when the stones lay unguarded for months?

The problems arise with the river side of the wall.
Some stones have been replaced with new smooth stones, which don’t match well with the old stone at all.
The worst problem however is the appalling pointing (i.e. not pointed at all!) done on portions of the capstone on the river side. Both the new stones and the pointing are visible here:
How could a city council official sign off on this type of slovenly work, which was so out of line with the stonework on the road side of the wall?

Unfortunately you would get a better view of the new-old stone discrepancy from the opposite bank, but i didn’t have time to go across this evening.

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