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@missarchi wrote:

dustin the turkey is my brother!!! :p you don’t need to spell it out in plainip english :rolleyes:

our family was found on broken english…

douze points ctesiphon :p dustin will help you see the light with his disco balls and fat divas :D:D:D

Im only guilty of supporting dustin the turkey…. I hope you support my brother too;)

he needs all the help he can get!!!!! even if he is retarted

weehamster… i have been attacked bus taxi drivers and buses…

if gromely wants to prove he is not a puppet known as mr swiggle

he will introduce 5 million euro fines for maiming and killing, loss of house, and a life ban on driving
compulsory cycling 2 days a year for all politicians once in the rain and once in summer
it will be know as the political cycle day the route/time will be chosen by the dead cyclists family’s and no police escorts allowed!!! send them on the m50 cycle way at night (joke)

1000 euro tax offset for not owning a car
2000 euro fee for each business that has a car or truck

money talks and legs walk :confused:

you should try cycling between the lines rather than snorting them

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