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The people in DCC are not cyclists, this is evident. There is nobody in that department of the corporation that has a passion for cycling.

Exhibit 1

Cyclists are expected to swerve around this obstacle. Absolutely no advance warning given – just a fuck off pole in the middle of the track. You can either swerve onto the busy road, or the footpath. No advance warning given to drivers of “merging” cyclists. No curb, no road markings, no warnings given to cyclists, no warning given to pedestrians. Dismount here and shut up, I guess.

Compare with the NL. “‘Obstruction ahead”

Exhibit 2.

The Docklands – you’d think they’d get it right here, but no. No directional track markings saying I cannot merge on this road. No advance warning of obstruction. No ramp. No road marking or signage warning drivers of cyclists “merging” on road. No priority given to bikes merge into traffic. I mean, what the fuck are these people on? Not bikes anyway,

Exhibit 3

What a complete and utter mess. A fine example of DCC’s contempt for the needs of the cyclists of Dublin.

They should have installed steel wheel-grips at 45 degree angles for us to wedge our front wheels into – just like in the NL. Instead, they’ve provided ten “multi-use bars”. God forbid your bike is locked/tangled to someone else’s. I mean, c’mon. Can anyone shed some light on this? Is it a lack of funds, or a complete lack of brain power?

and again:

20 bikes crammed into a space that could provide 50 spaces. Tisk tisk. My Dutch friends laughed at this ridiculous arrangement. Fine, but this is 2008, not 1988. Haven’t the numbskulls in the Corpo learned ANYTHING? It’s embarrassing to say the least.

Parking in the NL:The way it should be done.

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