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The Irish Times
High-rise all the way to 32 storeys in Sandyford: There was a scramble for maps and title deeds this week with the publication of the initial recommendation of the Sandyford Urban Framework commissioned by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

London design consultants Urban Initiative, which previously cast its eyes over Dublin City Council’s plans for Ballsbridge, has recommended a high-rise structured approach to the area, which it says has suffered from piecemeal development to date.

At the heart of the plan for the area is a central plaza linking the centre of the area to the reservoirs. It is here that the urban planners have recommended a plaza around which a tower of up to 32 storeys and a cluster of nine towers of 14-24 storeys could be developed.

Overall, 27 possible landmark towers and four green areas have been identified in the blueprint which went on public consultation this week.

While nothing is set in stone until the consultative process is over, it looks like Paddy Shovlin’s ambitions to build a 23-storey tower as part of his Gateway scheme will be realised. A tower of up to 14 storeys has been earmarked for the Central Park scheme and a series of seven towers of 14-24 storeys have been proposed along a new public space at the bottom end of Blackthorn Road to be called Waterfront Square which overlooks the reservoirs.

This was very refreshing to read, is someone actually thinking big out there??
Is there any sliver of a chance that this could go ahead in full??

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