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@garethace wrote:

The British built O’Connell Street.

I find this view very untrue, as the great architectural gems of Ireland eg. the Custom House, City Hall, Castletown House, were built not by the British but by the Anglo-Irish. Grattan’s Parliment was composed of Irish men, although they gave their legance to the British Monarch who was also King/Queen of Ireland, they were the patrons of our architectural legacy.

Garethace’s statement smacks of the Kevin Boland ethos of, lets assert our indopendance by knocking down Hume St. or blowing up Nelson’s Pillar. Although I know garethace is not taking that view personally, the very fact that it is written shows how unthankfull and unacknowledgeing Irish nationlists are towards the Anglo-Irish for giving us such fine architecrture.

So always remember, the great eighteenth century architecture of Ireland is not British, but Anglo-Irish.

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