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@DublinLimerick wrote:

Garethase, you are either being ironic, provocative, self deprecating, self-hating, fundamentalist, or a combination of all
of the above.
We live in an imperfect world with much that is good some that is bad. This is life. The contribution we make to our society
can only be measured in our deeds (not our words) but by our words we can often bludgen those who seek to do good, quietly and without bluster. Fundamentalists silence people into submission.
Let us do what is possible, leaving to future generations what is to be done. It is ever thus, for all of humanity.


Could you not debate or demolish his points as opposed to his level of belief?

Re the articles posted I am encouraged that I had the ability to post two new articles in one day from sources as disperate as David McWilliams (Pure Ken Drinking taxpayer who is pissed off with the Metzogiorno state) and Cori (who contend it isn’t southern enough) to both agree that very valid economic arguments exist against me fein planning.

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