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That’s the thing about the Tara plan I just can’t believe. The government is, with full knowledge, walking in to a legal and financial quagmire, which will put the Carrickmines and Glen of the Downs (GOTD) episodes in the shade.
Glen of the Downs was held up for years and ended up being the most expensive piece of road ever built because of a widening project, which most everybody wanted. The M50 project has been held up for years for an unremarkable heritage site and for a road that had full support as well.
Tara, which symbolically puts the other two in the shade, will be a long fight and the anti-campaign have already rallied an incredible selection of experts, conservationists, archaeologists, historians for a necessary road, but one that really won’t have the impact that GOTD or M50 completion had.
I think your prediction is absolutely correct.

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