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Rory W

Reasons for sprawl
1) people in this country want houses with front and back gardens detatched if possible because they have been conditioned to believe that this is the most desirable thing to have. And lets face it when you see the shit quality of apartment dwelling in this country its no wonder people have fear of “the new Ballymun” (TM all newspapers (local and national) ever). Hence people want their bit of land fron (park the car) and back (pen the kids in).

2) it’s fuck all to do with class – we’re all better off now hence we want bigger houses on bigger bits of land

3) its rural to urban migration not immigration that is an issue (ps most so called immigration to this country since the boom are returned migrants not ‘johnny foreigner’)

Separate points) Could you imagine if out of town shopping had not been built – Dublin city centre would be impossible to move in on a Saturday. Blanchardstown may not be architecturally pretty but in retail terms these things are necessary evils because they act as safety valves.

If this is a doughnut city tell me why is Grafton Street one of the most expensive per square foot on earth – ddoesn’t sound like ‘the projects’ to me!

“Aren’t people terrible – something really should be done about it” is all thats missing from the article.

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