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“Alan if your drive in Ireland has only been from Belfast to Sligo as you have indicated before, and you think the article was just ‘polemic’, I think you need to drive from Dublin to Galway taking care to pass through Athlone. I’d like to hear what you think on this thread topic then” Devin.

Hey Devin, if you guys in Ireland want to continually kick youselves up the arse well that’s your’re Irish after all

I’m a Scot but have spent a considerable amount of time in Ireland in the last year and not just driving to Sligo. In Galway a couple on months back I hardly saw another person never mind a mock Georgian Villa. The Guardian article was for me a hatchet job and if I had never visited Ireland would have created a totally false impression.

Diaspora, your bit about planners directing developers is a real laugh.

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